Web Applications

Web Applications are programs running in web browsers, so they need no installation. Every user is granted his own password protected account. He can log in from anywhere in the world, using his device with internet connection.
„Dedicated applications” are called so for a reason – their purpose and functionalities are completely up to you.
Our web apps can fulfill any of your needs..


Examples of use:

  • internal information flow improvement
  • automatic mail or notification delivery
  • online timesheet fulfillment
  • documents, offers or contracts generation
  • management of the assortment in the online shop
  • estabilishing own affiliation program
  • and many more…

Benefits gained by the clients:

  • avoiding time-consuming tasks = time saving
  • lower business expenditure
  • easy realisation of functions, which so far were very hard or impossible
  • bosses stay in touch with the company, wherever they are
Making of www applications is our hobby, so you can count on our full commitment.
Let us do the job and don’t worry – we know the deal.
Dedicated software is what we do for years, and every our client came out satisfyied.


We’ve accomplished many projects including:

    internet application for leading your own affiliate program

    online time and attendance system

    intranet enforcing company internal communication and documents workflow

    web application for dowloadnig files from popular hostings like Rapidsare or HotFile

    Faktury Online
    program which creates sales documents over the internet

    CRM dla Amazing Bee
    offer-making system, awesome help for sales department


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