Web Crawlers

Web crawlers are programs searching through the internet.
They visit sites in search of specified data, which later are processed into user-friendly form or saved at chosen destination.


Benefits of using:

  • getting necessary info quickly
  • automation of laborious tasks
  • saving time (it takes robot few minutes, what human will do in hours)
  • job is always done accurate and on time

Examples of use:

  • uploading data from producer to reseller
  • automatic updates of online store, based on providers sites
  • the analysis of competitors, comparing prices on their sites
  • importing data from public databases to your own
We can provide bots performing all kinds of tasks you want.
We have great experience in making web crawlers collecting data from closed systems (login and password protected).
We know every problem, which can occur during such research (f.ex. IP blokade, JavaScript coded data, captcha) and we know ways to overcome those obstacles.


Example finished projects:


    searching for competitions’ offers and comparing them. Market analysis tool for hotels’ manager

    for jewellery store
    automatic offer update, based on wholesalers database

    for lamp store

    uploading data from producers website and adding it as descriptions in shop

    for Vinfax.pl
    searching for car info and history, based on given VIN number

    for SEO company

    ongoing reports on positions in search engines

    for NowiKlienci.info

    importing data about registered companies from government database

    for Filefox.pl
    downloading files from tens of hosting sites (ex. HotFile, Uploaded.to)


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