Intranet – internal company portal for employees.
Improves communication and gathers most important information and documents in one repository. Thanks to it, finding file, info or responsible person we need, is much easier.

Biurokrator has module structure, so it can be adjusted to any kind of company, to simplify employees work and speed up executing important tasks. Next modules and updates can be added anytime later.

Example modules

  1. Contact database – clients, partners, providers… all data in one place
  2. Employees – information, contact, staff matters
  3. Documents – base of important files, where authorized users can find necessary materials
  4. Calendar – task planning, notifications and reminders
  5. Newsletter – company bulletin for updating coworkers with important info and announcing statements
  6. Forum – place where employees can discuss freely
  7. Chat – quick text communicator
  8. Gallery – company photos collection

Benefits of implementing

  • effective communication and information flow within the company
  • documents kept in order and easy to access
  • quicker decision making, thanks to available documents and opinion
  • important info can’t be lost
  • easier managing: transports, time, staff matters, resources…

Biurokrator is an web app

It means, it only needs web browser. It can be accesible only in your company or anywhere on the world, to grant employees access even on bussines trip, holiday or being outside the office for whatever reason.

It has module structure, so it can be made only with necessary elements. Fitting to every kind of company is guaranteed.

Run it on your server or ours. Either way you’ll get our full support and help with setting system up, training your team and keeping program going.



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