is a web application made for managing affiliate programs.

It is sold in SaaS model, making it unique, functional and cheap solution for every company having their partners, or wanting to start to enhance their sales.

Both owners and partners can register onto Partneo platform, either to promote their product/service/site or to earn money by recommending them.

Partneo 1

How does it work?

  1. Client sets up an owner account and puts in all details on his program, like commission fees and rules, adds advertising materials and invites his partners
  2. Partners log in, join chosen programs and promote their owners
  3. App tracks predefined actions, such as entries, leads or sales and assigns then to their refferers
  4. Commision appears on partners account
  5. After reaching given threshold, partner can ask owner for withdrawal

Client possibilities

  • easy operating on many affiliate programs at one time
  • clear statistics of actions
  • integration of program with internet store
  • managing financial settlements with partners
  • grouping partners up to f.ex. set different commisions



Partners benefits

  • clear cooperating conditions
  • being always updated with program changes (f.ex. new advertising materials)
  • up-to-date statistics and earnings summary


Application owner gets

  • income in form of subscription fees
  • program for managing own affiliate programs



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